High Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser

  • High Speed Disperser is Suitable for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding
  • Best use of Disperser is to dissolve and disperseion of Liquid and Liquid with solids.
  • Disperser is availabe in Manual or Hydraulic Up and Down Arrangment.
  • High Speed Dispersion machine has Starting Capacity Ranging from 50 litrer to 1000 liters
  • Suitable for Putty, Primers, Distempers, Plastic paint , Exterior emulsions & premium wall finishes for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding.



    Product Advantages

    Higher efficiency, better quality
    The Max. rotation speed can be up to 2930rpm (For bigger power, 1450rpm), linear velocity is over 20m/s, it can rapidly disperse the powder in the liquid evenly; Due to its high shear forces, the material will be uniformly dispersed and formed a good suspension effect. Due to the strong shearing force , the materials are dispersed evenly and form good suspension effect.
    Safe and convenient operation
    Adopt hydraulic cylinder as lifting actuator. Control the hydraulic up, stop, down through the oil pump, easy operation and stable. The dispersing disc is fixed to the main shaft with Hexagon socket-head cap screws, which can be disassembled and exchanged quickly, easy to clean. Different dispersing discs can be exchanged accordingly to production process to obtain optimized dispersing result. Different clamping types(Belt Clamping, Manual Rotation Clamping, Pneumatic Clamping) are optional to fix the tanks properly to prevent from accident due to the tank displacement during operation.
    Various installation ways
    With compact structure, the machine can be floor type and platform type. Tank working with the mixer can be removable type or fixed type.
    Customized options
    Different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type, multi-tanks type, with lifting cover type, co-axial type/dual-shaft type, mounted on kettle type, etc.. Material can be customized to be SS304 \SS321 \SS316L .

    High Speed Disperser Working Principle

    Through the high-speed rotation dispersing disc, the materials will become in annular form flow, resulting in strong vortex flow, which descend down to the bottom of the vortex in spiral state. During the process, materials are dispersed, dissolved, mixed and emulsified efficiently due to the strong shearing crash and friction among the particles.
    The hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic cylinder ascend and descend, which drives the whole transmission and working set up and down.