Twin Shaft Dispeser

Twin Shaft Disperser

twin shaft disperserWe are one of the trusted providers of quality-approved Twin Shaft Dispersers that are considered as most versatile equipment for paint production. As the name suggests, the disperser range has been specifically designed to disperse, mix and homogenize products.

The process of dispersion is carried out by the centrally located shaft, and the low speed shaft is responsible for the mixing mechanism. Reckoned for trouble-free operations, the equipment made available in this range is extensively used for manufacturing plastic emulsions and eco-friendly water based paints. These top notch quality twin shaft disperser machines are also employed in various industries for mixing highly viscous materials.

Manufactured using graded steel, our dual shaft dispersers are known in the market for ensuring long service life. These machines comprise two agitator shafts, and are available in different sizes and capacities.

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Twin Shaft Disperser Specification

S.No. Batch (KG) Horse Power (High Speed) Slow Speed
1 500 Kg 10 HP 5 HP
2 1200 Kg 20 HP 7.5 HP
3 2500 Kg 50 HP 20 HP
4 4500 Kg 75 HP 30 HP


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